Sunday, September 23, 2007

Albany Poker League Big Game

Post time is 1 PM!! Ray (Snake5970) with Lex (BigTai) and Trent (LGKeeper) in another vehicle will soon be ringing me up when they hit exit 8A of the Northway. I'm meeting them at Salty's (a great seafood pub down the street from my house) where we will then embark to the Albany Club.

-IPOD - check (with Phil and Friends 10000 Lakes Festival Show newly downloaded) and fully charged.

-Buddha Card Capper= Check

-Starbucks Iced Venti Raspbery Mocha - Check

-Diet Pepsi and Bottled Water - Check

-Receipts for Mine and Lex's and Rays deposit - Check as well as cash for the rest of my buy-in and some side action if needed

-Football Picks - Check (gotta keep up on my selections)

-Deck of Cards - Check (possible Chinese Poker if Snake and I go busto)

=Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide with notes - Check

Spending a day playing cards and, watching football, with three of my favorite guys -Priceless. The only thing that would beat this is having it in Vegas with some of my favorite bloggers present too!!

As an aside did anyone catch Gus Hanson speaking into a little hand-held recorder during this weeks broadcast of the WSOP for his notes. I taped most of the show as I was Blaggher Bodogging but did catch this clip as did Ray/Snake.. I want me one of those bad boys.

First prize today is over $5000 as they opened it up to 20 more players. Top ten should be paying. All four of us have live tourney cashes of over $1000. Hopefully one of us will hit the cash tonite.

And Colorado beat Miami Ohio 42-0 yesterday... Woot Woot

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