Friday, September 28, 2007

Guilty Pleasures and Random Musings

I've played all of about 1 hour of online poker all week and haven't missed it at all. That was in a Poker Analysis Razz tourney that I would have killed if it had been Seven-Card Stud High. A frustrating nite because of the donkeys who stay in with their door card over a 9, take one off and stay in when the next card is a K Q J or T. I want to scream at them much as you do when someone doesn't play proper blackjack strategy.

Ray told me Monday nite that he and Lex debated my exit hand in the big game and how bad they felt for me. Lex felt I should have folded the KK there. Especially with a UTG raise and the UTG +1 all in. Sure if I lay down the KK in the SB I still have 29k chips (I was not the shortest stack) but there is still no guarantee I bottom cash. As it was I went out two off the money as they paid 14 not 13. Ray and I concur that I was playing for top three where the big money was and he felt I made the right move with the KK. There was no way I was putting Brandon on AA there. What Lex and Ray didn't know is that Brandon a few hands earlier had gambled with his big stack and called an all in after his pre-flop raise with JT.. The all-in dude had AK and Brandon sucked out a straight. I knew he was capable of raising with much looser starting hand requirements then what you normally see UTG. And that is what makes an aggressive player with a big stack dangerous in the late stages of a tourney when they wake up with a monster. As it was, Ray told me he himself was taken out by Brandon after Brandon had gotten moved from an early table we shared.

So my week has been filled with TV show debuts; Private Practice, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Big Shots (kind of a Sex in the City for alpha males). I missed Dirty Sexy Money because I opted for the second to the last episode of Top Chef. I also caught America's Next Top Model. Any other good shows out there? I caught a bit of Dancing with the Stars on Monday nite but will get more into it when it gets down to the real fancy footwork.

There are also some really good movies I need to see. Into the Wild based on the fabulous John Krakauer book, Rendition: with Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, In the Valley of Elah, and The Kingdom: with Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner. Astin looked over the Woodstock Film Festival slate for me, and made some good suggestions. I just realized I'm away two of those days and possibly three so I may not be able to make any of them. I will be in NYC at the theatre one of those days.

I left work at 4:00 yesterday to get my teeth cleaned and checked. This is going to sound nuts but I love having my teeth cleaned because they feel so nice and clean after they are scaled and polished. . I have pretty healthy teeth... Look mom no cavities since 1997 and only one crown in my mouth and no root canals either. I do have lots of old fillings but knock on wood no problems.

The other thing besides clean teeth I love is a fabulous pedicure. Miriam my gal did an awesome job last Friday with a bright Candy Apple Red OPI polish(might as well celebrate apple-picking season hear in upstate NY). I also love someone else to wash my hair. I think it feels cleaner. I found out my gal Linden left where I go around the corner from my house and hasn't hooked up a new gig yet. I just found her after years of my old stylist and I loved the color jobs she did on my hair. She's willing to come to my house until she gets set up somewhere. Fortunately, I'm not quite due yet for a recolor, but I will be in a few weeks (like 2-3).

So after I got my teeth cleaned, I was in a fabulous mood because my weekend had started. I stopped at the market for a salad at Price Chopper's salad bar and then picked up a Starbucks Iced Raspberry Mocha (non-fat with whipped cream :)!!! as well as a delish, yummo White Pizza Margherita (with fresh garlic, basil, fresh tomato, and mozzarella) from LaBella's. The pizza smelled so good I couldnt even wait till my shows started. I wound up skipping the salad and having three slices.

No work today for IG. I paid my mortgage at my main bank, mailed my Gas and electric and Homeowners Assn bills, deposited my Star Refund into my slush fund/poker account at my other bank. Filled the car up with gas for my trip up to Fort Edward for poker tonite. I tried on a pair of jeans that make my legs look long and my butt awesome at Kohls. Even though they were on sale for $29.99 from $48 I didnt buy them because I had a coupon at home for an additional 15% off. I'm gonna dig out the coupon and then go back to get them on my way out. I do definitely need to lose about ten pounds in my tummy because I have a little untoned Buddha Belly going on.

For my final random musing, I was catching a sportscenter clip on Randy Moss and how he is fitting in or not fitting in with the Patriots. I had Randy Moss as one of my Fantasy Wide Receivers when he was at Minnesota, along with Chris Carter and Marvin Harrison. He is one talented player but sometimes left us fans wondering if he was giving his all and of course the media questioned his desire and work ethic. Anyway, this is not a rant on that it is a comment on what a gifted athlete he truly is. I saw Tom Brady throw a long pass downfield and it almost looked like the safety or cornerback on the opposing team was about to intercept until, Randy accelerated into another gear from what seemed like out of nowhere and flew past the defender to make an effortless (or so it seemed) catch. World class track speed is a thing of beauty, world class track speed while catching a ball in pads is magnificent. I was like WOW! WOW! WOW.

Oh yeah, I may need a new refrigerator. My fridge came with the condo (I bought three years ago in June 2004) left behind by the former owners. It appears relatively new but it doesnt seem to be keeping food as cold as it should in the main compartment (freezer is fine). Anything I should be checking and are they worth repairing (of course I will ask the guys tonite)? I could do without having to buy a new fridge now especially since I can only covet a Sub-Zero.

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