Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Change Will do you good

I've been playing well since my live cash on Sunday and self-imposed exile from Full Tilt

Monday nite a small buy-in league game for Poker Analysis on a small site called Jungle Poker. I had won about $12.50 in a freeroll there and had used $5.50 for one buyin game and decided i might as well spend most of the rest of what I had left. Its not a site I see myself playing on regularly. Heck there was only 843 people on the site. Anyway, long story short I managed to steal my way into contention then get some hands and made it to heads-up play.

I was outchipped going into heads up whittled away at Raz took the lead and then the break came and my momentum and cards went south. Before the break I just couldn't get him to bite when I had a big hand and he folded to most of my bets including my bluffs. OH well, I played very well. I now have like $30 on the site as I won $25 or so on my $5.50 buyin.

I also finished in 3rd and in the money in a $3.40 turbo sng Omaha8 10 person sng on stars.. I'm three for three cashes in my last attempts there.

I will confess to gigli-ing out first of 226 in a freeroll on Intertops. I raised with a Q8h thinking I was at a table of sitouts. ButI got a call. The flop was only one non-heart I think, and it went runner runner hearts too. . And being all in on the turn, I of course ran into someone with the Ah. OOPS it was a freeroll. Anyway, Intertops is a Micro-gaming site with no restriction on any of the US states. They are running Monday night football freerolls thru the 2007 season. Free money is free money. I used to love to play on Royal Vegas and Bet365 until the UIGEA made us unloved.

I wasn't going to play tonite. Instead, I was going to watch the WSOP broadcast on ESPN. But, I remembered the Bodog blogger tourney and the T315 credits I have and decided to join Smokkee over on the Dog for some blaggher hijinks. Especially since I am a Full Tilt refuge. I managed to bubble and finish 4th but played very well. I got playable cards, no wicked beats. I ran TT into lightning36's QQ 4way. He had position. I raised to $700 he re-raised. I thought about it and actually said omg he probably has JJ or QQ but hoped it was AJ or AT or QJ.. Nope I pushed all in and he called and I went to the rail. I should have laid it down as I still would have been in third place but only down $700. I did pull off some pretty good bluffs/semi bluffs. The FTP strategy guide has gotten me thinking that I have to call a certain amount of times you are re-raised. Sometimes you have to let them go but sometimes you have to call and then play after the flop. I still am so much better at reading people and putting people on hands live.

I finished up my main football league at 13-3 splitting the Monday nite games. Not a bad start to 2007. Winner took home $150. I expect to cash at least once this year.

I haven't been a big TV watcher since I took up poker. Yes Ive heard of a VCR but that and my DVD were not hooked up after I had to bring in the TV for repair in January. Snake hooked me all back up in May. A few weeks back he came down to watch the Days 1A/1B WSOP coverage (he lives about 40 minutes north of me) . It wasn't his day one but figured we would see him in the stands behind Hachem. Yes indeed you can see his shadow in the opening clip when they zoom in on Joe H. Then you can see him multiple times in the stands behind Hachem depending on the angle.

Anyway, I will confess to being DVD/VCR/TV remote challenged. I told Snake he would have to operate the VCR and do the recording and I would man the barbecue and grill steak (which I did perfectly and showed off my knife skills!!) . You see I didn't realize new VCRs remembered the TV channels and actually recorded the TV channel you are watching. My old VCR which lasted about twenty years, you had to change the input as it would record a station you weren't watching or some such thing and I had never realized that this no longer applied. Now I am a girl who can hook up anything with a PC (i had to set myself up for working at home) , deworm herself of a virus, burn Cd's, download onto her ipod, etc but when it comes to using a DVD or VCR i flunk. But now I am good since Snake got me all straightened out and didn't even tease me too much about being totally inept with the stuff.

So i got my Entertainment Weekly and the new TV guide which has recaps of all the fall shows and I'm looking forward to a new season of Grey's anatomy, Ugly Betty, the new Grey's spin-off and a bunch of other shows. I'm excited because I can record lots of lots of stuff. And did you realize that Survivor China will have a poker player on it?? Am I scooping any of you Survivor loyalists? JOHN ROBERT BELLANDE will be on this season along with some wrestling chick.

Big thinks to Smokkee for hosting the blaggher gathering over on the DOG. Ill be back. Hell I have enough tourney credits to play like 27 weeks!!!


smokkee said...

thanks for playing IG. that TT vs QQ short-handed is a tuff spot to be in. Lightning ended up taking the whole thing down. you should see a T$11 credit to your account in the next day or two.

see ya next week.

lightning36 said...

Good game last night. Of course we know that if we had been playing at Full Tilt or PokerStars the turn would have brought a ten ... with maybe a Queen on the river??