Saturday, September 29, 2007

Colorado Buffs PWN the Oklahoma Sooners

SHIP IT!!!!!!!!!

Oklahoma was favored by 21 (and ranked 3rd or 4th in the country depending on poll used). CU was at home ( homecoming weekend). With 2 seconds left Kevin Eberhart kicked the game winning field goal. He's not Mason Crosby by a long shot but he got the job done when it counted today. I leapt off the couch in a victory jig. Today I didnt pull my hamstring (as I did once before in a upset of Nebraska when I tangled with the handles of my pocketbook).

Woot Woot

I cashed in the 5k Pokerstars guarantee pretty much doubling my buyin. I think I called an all in with AK with about 11k left which was half the average stack at the time (in other words I didnt push first). Was up against Pocket 44's. DQB for the 4's. 264th out of 2188.

Last nite I got squadoosh for cards ( I think the only pair I got was 44 during 3+ hours of play) in the APL season opener but I did manage to final table for 8th of 22 which is a better start then last year. We've shortened the blind rounds to 20 minutes and introduced an ante to speed things up. We are down league players. Alot more folks didnt return then previously thought. Snake and I agree, Its going to be a long season ( neither he nor Lex nor Silo, Snakes bro final tabled with me). I had to table captain the people not paying attention, who wouldnt shut up and who were getting pie-eyed and who dont announce their actions. And no its not the new young guns who are good players, its the folks who are in Season #3 in the league. I had to get up from the table and take some deep breathes early on. Next week the IPOD will be brought out for sure.

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