Thursday, September 06, 2007

The greatest sports betting Idea!!

I got an email from The Onion which I cant cut and paste into the blog, so I took a screen shot. Click on it and it will expand so your old eyes can read it!!! I'm not going to go into what the Onion is if you arent familiar with it. SO Check this out. Bet on the person whos going to miss their field goals, fumble the most, break a leg... Got to love it.

Im in the public league as BigEyedFish but you can go head to head with me too. I have big green eyes and Im a Fish and I named this after the Dave Matthews Song. Just think we get to root for the bad beats!!

Misery loves company!!

Here are IGs str8 up picks (I dont have to pick against the spread) for Week I of her football pool (4th year for IG).

> Thursday game
> Sunday games
> NE
> GB
> SD
> Monday Games
> SF
> POINTS - 40 (but if both games 75)


CarmenSinCity said...

Go Ravens!

meanhappyguy said...

Do you already have a private league going? I started one up, but might just merge into yours if you already have one going??

Onion Sports!

Anonymous said...

When betting on sporting events I always think those massive outsiders are worth a cheeky punt. For example man utd sticking six past Newcastle or Andy Murray going out that early on. When im browsing through some online sports betting websites i have a look at the specials and outsiders and see if i can see them happen. If so i may have a punt.
Normally ill have a bet on football because generally you can have an idea of a result or back a few outsiders and get some big odds!