Sunday, September 30, 2007

WCOOP Main Event Pokerstars

No Im not playing the buy-in is a little steep for me!!! . I decided to play Poker Player roulette and pull up Jordan Morgan's table (ImSoLuckyO)... Not only do I get Jordan but I get Roothlus (Adam Levy) and Zangbezan24 (Sorel Mizzi) and LURPED (Marcus Gonsalves) at the same table. Wow talk about loaded guns.

Other Top Names I see so far.. Shaniac (Shane Schleger) , KidPoker (Daniel Negreanu), RugDoctor (David Williams), ThorLaden (My friend Fred's stepson aka Steve Weinstein), Lady Maverick (Vanessa Rousso), Joe Hachem, Greg Raymer (Fossilman) who gets a big congrats on his WCOOP Pot Limit Omaha win. And of course Gigabet (Darrel Dicken), EmptySeat88 (Scott Fischman), No Mercy (Isabelle Mercier), Katja Thater and RainKhan (Hevad Khan), and Rizen (Eric Lynch).

This should go long into the night. Amazing turnout with the buy-in at $2500 + $100 and the Aruba Poker Classic set to get underway tomorrow and the US Poker Championship at the Taj Mahal beginning its run. Talk at the tables is are you going to Foxwoods or WPT Niagara, are you in the states??? no Im playing from Europe and staying here till such and such (think that was Sorel) ? Some railbirds are catching the action from their laptops in the airports . Its kind of fun to eavesdrop.

20000 starting chips with 30 minute blinds. This is an online poker players wet dream.

Gigli award to Samuel032 2998th (AA vs KK perhaps)?

Dario Minieri has hit the Rail: 2981 of 2998

Poker for me has gone something like this today:

Pokerstars $100000 guarantee..... Dude raises to $450 (3x bb) I reraise with JJ to $900 dude reraises me. I move all in for my remaining $1500 or so and get called by TT. Do I double up. Of course not.....He hits a set on the flop and IGO.

Pokerstars $5k guarantee..... Deciding to play really tight because yesterdays tourney which I cashed in was aggro and my stack see-sawed early on....I limp against the bb with 69os. Check.. Flop comes 66K (two diamonds).... I bet the pot dude reraised me.. I dont think he has a 6 with a better kicker. No he has slowplayed pocket aces and rivers an Ace... IGO. Deepstack $11 buyin on stars. I can not win a hand for the life of me and my dominating hands are getting beat by weaker hands. (FULL TILT POKER DEJA VU) . IG is at 0-3 on stars today. Combine that with the Ultimate Bet $5.50 Online forum challenge donkfest and I am having a "fun" day. I should have gone and played live SIGH.

I just got an email about a big stack poker tourney with a prime rib dinner in January. In September there was a tourney with a clam bake. Do we know how to roll here in NY or what?. Trent hit up the Empire Poker League Cardroom again this Thursday and went home up about 2-3 buyins (not sure if he bought in for $200 or $300) but per Lex or Mike he cashed out over $900/

Football picks suck so far although Snake's Cowboys have pulled thru for me once again. I think that is the only early game I won. MiamiDon was right upset city with the dogs all at home this week. My late picks look a little better.

Random thought would anyone be interested in a Upstate NY blogger gathering say in August next year? There could be a Thursday nite tourney at the Albany Poker League headquarters as well as Sunday (for you cash gamers I can send you to the ESPL headquarters)... Friday could be a trip to the Racetrack/Racino etc and a nice dinner out in SPA city. Saturday could be a Steak/Lobster/Clambake and tourney at either Krauses or Lanthiers Grove hosted by me. I could always run it/overlap it at the same time as the Empire State Poker Classic up at TROCK. Families (wives and children) could make a go of this as the Great Escape and Water Park is about an hour north of here.

Ray Rahme (2007 WSOP 3rd place finisher) is out 2968th..... Daniel Negreanu 65160 and the bigstack one hour into the tourney.

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