Sunday, September 09, 2007

I know its in my head

Since I left FTP Ive played three tourneys and cashed in two.

Friday nite
lst one I recouped my $6.00 buyin on Cake (short of the .60 entry fee) when I earned to bountys in a head hunter. I final tabled finished 8th with 4 paying. My demise was my own fault: with blinds escalating and me in about 4th, I reraise with AK and get reraised back all in and call to run into Aces. Nothing major but at least I broke even and played well throughout the tourney short of the last hand.

Next one. I'm playing tight in a Poker Analysis freeroll league game on AP. I double up when a woman I call all-in XXXX. pushes with her pocket 66's. I know she does this with any pocket pair (three years playing against her and she is predictable and hasn't learned). I have JJ make the call hit a set double up. Rob from the rich, rob from the poor. Move into 3rd, then second. Then get stacked on a horrendous beat. I call a big raise with QQ. Hit a set. Bet the pot hard. My opponent with no pot odds and AK hits broadway on the river for the suckout (we are all in on the turn) and apologizes for being a donkey. Yes the suckouts are bad on AP too but no money at stake. Since it was a freeroll I pushed all in with my remaining chips shortly thereafter in the points for the league, short of the cash and called it a night. I played extremely well, but of course Ive played these folks for close to three years and I know their moves extremely well.


Pokerstars $5000 guarantee with 2066 entrants with 396 paying. I finish in the money (not much but I doubled my buy-in just about) finishing 226th or so with no real cards to work with. I had a major suckout when I ran JJ into QQ and stacked the QQ's doubling up kind of early. No action on the KK's I had twice early on. AQ vs AQ for a chopped pot late in the tourney. One huge bluff that paid off when I floated with AJ on a board of 662. Only other pairs I had were Small pairs (22 and 33 and 44) I folded preflop when there were raises and reraised in front of me. One lovely laydown : I fold 44 preflop and its AA vs 77 with the 7's hitting a set. I stole with 88 all in late on one of the money bubbles. I had 23os about 6 times. Another lovely hand I raise in the 5 seat with QTos hit two queens on the flop (I got a call from a shortstack on the button or in the blinds). Check the flop, call my opponents all in (they had AA or KK) and hit a ten on the turn for the boat and for once no suck-out.

That was all the poker I played yesterday as after I finished up I ran out to PetSmart for kitty treats (tuna flakes for Bailey which is like Kitty crack) and cat food. Then to Starbucks for a latte and to Walmart for batteries as my cordless mouse batteries were critical. Its pretty funny i get this icon that looks like two nuclear warheads when the batteries are going.

For some reason I though CU was off yesterday but got a Football email from the school that we blew a big lead against ASU playing sloppy football. Next week Florida State.

Now to get ready for a Sunday of football and a live poker tourney at the club starting at 5 EST. I realized i made a boo-boo on my picks and went with Green Bay over Philly.. Eeks. But the ace in the hole for GB is Mason Crosby, CU's former placekicker who is deadly from any range. Just maybe McNabb wont be completely recovered from injury. I'm also interested in seeing what Randy Moss will do for the Patriots. Help or Hindrance?

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