Sunday, September 16, 2007

IG's Football Picks - Week 2

Sunday Games

NE> >

Monday game> > PHI> > POINTS - 35

Before I make my picks I check out the Sagarin Rankings, and what the elite EPSN 9 pick, I read Miami Don's overview, check out the injury reports and recap in USA today and watch lots and lots of Football shows. Yes, I take my football seriously.

I went contrary to MiamiDon on Detroit vs Minnesota. Historically, the Vikes own Detroit. Historically the Vikes have bent me over and screwed me a gazillion times whenever I bet on them. The Motor City may have some of the best paid factory workers in the country thanks to the Automakers, but the Lions dont put any money into their team. And what has John Kitna ever done?. A journeyman QB who is prone to giving the ball away. He picked Detroit by +10. Im picking straight up and Say Vikes in this Black and Blue division match-up.

For the second straight week I have gone with Dallas (shout-out to Snake's Cowboy's), this week I picked the Eagles (shout out to Hoyazo) and I hemmed and hawed over the Bolts vs the Pats. In the end. I went with majority rule and picked the Pats at home over the Bolts. But, I would love to see Smokkee's Bolts come thru.

I was so excited to see that CU would be on ESPN last nite vs Florida State. Both teams are unranked. Colorado is still rebuilding and the play last nite shows they have a long way to go. I dozed off sometime after midnite and woke up about 1 AM with most of the 4th quarter still to play. We avoided the shut-out but lost 16-6. I think the commentator cursed the Buffs when he said.. 'This young colorado team is playing well". Two missed field goals (no Mason Crosby any longer), poorly thrown passes by the coaches QB son (nepotism at its finest) and just a lot of room to improve. But I will say this, there is probably no more beautiful place to play football in the country on a Saturday nite then Folsom Field.

My football fashion faux pas award goes to the University of Kentucky. Those piercing bright blue uniforms made me think of a team of Smurfs on the field. What were they thinking? Absolutely the most heinous uniform I have seen.

Ill write more later about my poker escapades of the weekend later (there hasnt been much play). I had a fun Friday nite both before and after poker (lots of new blood in the league), a relaxing Saturday, scored my Phil Lesh and Friends tickets for October 20th at the Glens Falls Civic Center (floor seats even though I missed the DeadNet mail order). Target was having a great deal on TV series DVDs, so I picked up Season 1 of Rescue Me and Season II of Entourage ($19.99 each). They were out of Weeds and I really wanted that one and Season II of Grey's Anatomy. I got a better price then on Amazon. I just love Target!!

Mac and Cheese and Meatloaf up next. Tourney on Bodog later on. And Im looking foward to 4 day work weeks for the next 4 weeks (Fridays off). I also discovered what the culprit is as too what has knocked one of my planters off the balcony and broken limbs off my Dahlias and its not a squirrel. Its a big Blue Jay. I need to build myself some rail planters 8 inches wide that are heavy enough so that they wont be susceptible to wind and varmints!!

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SirFWALGMan said...

booooo bolts! I can say that cause I have lived in Boston all my life.