Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hump Day Update

I decided to save a more creative title for a more creative post. I played a bit of poker over the Holiday Weekend and it was more of this: Take me to the River as the mega favorite and then drown my ass with cement shoes to where I'm sleeping with the fishes. IG = CHUM.

I can recount these lovely hands where deep in tourneys with a nice stack (like in the top ten)but in the mid stages (say 30-40 left in a 90 person sng) I tangle with the slightly bigger stack and have these gems occur. Why do all the big stacks get moved together?

1) I reraise 3x a preflop raiser with AA. He moves all in over the top. I'm a smart gal I know he has KK... And my call signifies one thing AA.. Classic full tilt.. He has Kd there are two diamonds on the flop and it goes runner runner on turn and river and I'm cracked and out instead of chip leader.

or this gem:

2) I limp multi way with AQ (my Achilles heel) and flop Broadway.... Dude bets with top pair being a K. I repop his flop bet. He calls. Turn is a 9, which he now (although I don't know it yet) two pairs and Im still ahead. He moves all in on the turn. I call thinking maybe he has the lower straight or two pair.. River you guessed it 9 and he sinks my battleship.

Or this lovely which of course is a trouble hand and why gappers are dangerous.

I call a min raise with 7T split out of the SB and two pair the flop with a Q also on board.... Everyone checks except me and I Bet 3/4 the pot. One caller but Im pretty sure he doesn't have a Q he may have something Like KT or AT... Turn is another Queen.. He checks and I don't smell a trap. But I bet again and get a call. River is an Ace. I move in.. he calls with Ax and the board plays his AA QQ beats my QQ TT. Probably should have just jammed at the pot on the flop but Im trying to extract value more money. Instead I go broke.

Enough of the bad beat stories. All is good.

I did head down to the Albany "club" Sunday nite for a live tourney. 60+ people as it paid 6 deep that nite. I was told as the weather gets colder the numbers increase. Not a bad turn-out for the Labor Day weekend. $65 gets you food and drinks too. I was shown the back entrance and the back way into the place and welcomed with open arms. Plus one of the organizers took to calling me "SUGAR". Im looking forward to a deep stack tourney there in two weeks $165 buy-in. I played well busting out half way when my AKd with two diamonds failed to improve against a hand I had dominated A9 os.. Bigger stack rivered the 9 on me and IGHN. I plan on going back this weekend since I'm sitting out Atlantic City and the $300 buyin at the Borgata for a number of reasons. Largely we lost overtime at work and I'm belt-tightening a bit on my expenses and I have a nice car insurance bill due as well as my escrow going up and my homeowners association fees going up. The joys of being a home and car owner but those are good things!!

I'm stewing over my first weeks NFL picks. As much as I hate to do it I'm strongly thinking of taking Dallas over the Giants. I can hear Snake snickering now as Dallas is his favorite team. I really like New Orleans for the season but who can dismiss Indy? Fortunately I just have to pick straight up and not against the spread. Im not playing any pure fantasy football this year because I don't have the time to invest like I used too back in 1999-2001 when I avidly played and was one of the season leaders and multi time weekly winners in the league the Schenectady Gazette had.

Like many of my fellow bloggers, I will confess to being a geek. I was one of those smart girls who always had their hand up in the air to answer questions. My teachers either adored me or they feared me. I was voted teachers torment because some of them I just knew I was smarter then and let it be known. One year I got stuck in English class for Juvie delinquents as some strange joke was being played on me. I used to have spit balls shot at me. The first time I uttered the F word was when after one spit ball incident. I looked at the dirty stringy haired English teacher and said: Im not staying in this class with these friggin retards. I walked out and down to the principals office and insisted I be placed with my friends in Mr Sullivan's class where students were interested in literature and learning. Since I was a good little runner and athlete I was accommodated.

I am such a geek that my head is full of worthless info. At CU we used to have the trivia bowl. I never participated but should have. A former co-worker of mine wanted me to try out for Jeopardy when they came for tryouts in the Albany area. I will confess to being the captain of Hudson High's Answer's Please team my senior year. This contest pitted High schools against each other on a TV show. 4 person to a team. I of course was the only gal that week on the show. We lost but I can remember my correct answer to my bonus question of where is the medulla oblongata located? I gave them the brain and got very good and very specific (Head would have sufficed).

The other day, my fellow work at home co-worker, Kasey types into our daily IM lifeline to another human: Why do old men always say W as in whiskey as our member ids begin with W's to be HIPPAA compliant. So I tell her its probably from there days in the service as Whiskey is what is used for the phonetic NATO alphabet and on the radios to be clear. So I recite the first 6-7 of the letters for her when she asks: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India and say T is Tango and she cracks up and says.. You know that? and I'm like embarrassed and say yes I'm pathetic (Ive also read tons of spy novels like Ludlum). So she suggests I try out for the World Series of Pop Culture next year. Its a good idea as I love pop culture but Im in no ways an expert even though like LJ, I love that stuff. I still think I would make a great Amazing Race contestant.

Back to musing over my picks and maybe to play a few hands of poker. I'm really down to under $50 each on both Stars and Tilt right now so Im going to have to reload and wire some moolah to them as epassporte takes so friggin long. UGH.

And go read Katitude's recent post about how she had the same hand on three different FTP tables at the same time. She didnt even mention that on Friday nite when we were donkeying it up she was dealt JJ three out of 4 hands. Im seriously coming to the conclusion that there is a band of Winged Monkeys running the RNG on full tilt sending me the message.. Save your money IG invest in T-Bills or put the money under your mattress.

Its now time for TOP CHEF!!

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lj said...

i finally started checking out a few episodes of top chef, and love it, but my tivo records so many that i don't know which season is current and which is older! i am just enjoying them as i go, and i'm sure i'll figure it out down the line. i just saw the one where the dude got kicked out for fighting, and then last night restaurant april.

haha. pop culture expert. i don't even know which season of top chef is which! :) i'm not sure i'm going to have much time for pop culture now that fantasy football has started...