Sunday, September 09, 2007

At Da Club and into the money

My second appearance, and its into the money I rolled. $65 buyin (gets you a nice Italian dinner with salad and drinks and covers expenses) with $50 to the prize pool. I finished 5th of about 59 for $165 which covers my big game tourney there in two weeks $165 buyin. Or, I freeroll next week and have $100 towards the big game.

They always pay 10 deep with 6th thru 10th getting their buyins back. As the weather gets colder numbers increase. We opted to also pay 11th this week. There is a good reason for that: On the money bubble the tourney goes hand for hand. That impressed me. One of the organizers also took over the final table deal freeing us up to play and concentrate. I was the last woman standing although two others made the final table too. One Asian lady played every hand, picked her cards up off the table and made the most fonkettish calls known to mankind. She spewed her chips at the final table when she called an all- in with her K6 on K high board and ran into either KK or AA. One of my final tablemates clued me in on her play and I must say she had several players on tilt. I wasnt so sure some of it wasnt an act.

I had an early almost double up when I hit top and bottom pair (84os for me) out of the BB vs the small SB on a flop of 846. The small blind had A6os (only middle pair) and a straight draw on the turn and she moved all in. I called and no Ace sent her packing. This was after hitting a set of 77's (I limped then called a raise to $600) and getting maximum pay off on the set, and after my pocket tt held on a board of JJ44x and I correctly put my opponent on almost his exact hand. I figured him overcards and AQ and he had KQ.

My most beautiful hand was hitting a set with KK on the flop. Betting out first to act and getting a call. On the turn DQB baby. Quad Kings... I check my opponent fires I smooth call... River As for a possible flush which hit my opponent. I check he moves in.. Instacall by me and I send him just about out with all but about $2k chips.

I knocked another lady out when i reraised an early raiser with AA. Got an all in from a shorty in the blind. SHe had KK. My aces held as the early raiser folded KJ. Another reason why KJ UTG at a full handed table is not a strong hand. I laid it down about 3 times preflop under the gun full handed mid tourney and never would have hit with it and would have been at risks for a good chunk of my stacks from players left to act. I made a couple of good preflop laydowns (one with AQ out of the BB) .

I doubled up 5-way out of the SB at the final table when I called the buttons all in steal with AT and he had Q6os... The big stack in the big blind hemmed and hawed and mucked ATd face up. OMG outs gone but my hand held. Unfortunately my raise to $6000 with A7h on the button got a call from the BB. (blinds $1000/$2000). I hit bottom pair with two hearts and I smooth called the dudes bet on the flop. River gave me a gutshot too. I smooth called again and of course my flush and straight miss spectularly when the river is a black two and I lose half my newly acquired chips.

Right now Lex, Trent, Ray and I are going to be hitting the other APL up for the big game. I cant wait. Should be a fun day.

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