Monday, September 17, 2007

Playing Hookie from work kind of sort of

Most of you know I work from home so its kind of hard to call in sick from home. In fact its kind of lame. However, since I do customer service and must be attached to my headset at all times and have to be perky and I just can't say.... Sorry, hold please while I go run to the bathroom to puke/poo or whatever sometimes you just have to take a day off.

I woke up this morning with a massive sinus headache that hurt to open my eyes and was rewarded with a bloody nose as well as itchy eyes. Friday nite I knew I was going to be getting every womans monthly 'friend' as my boobs hurt and I swear they were swollen like grapefruits. I was right, and today Im being rewarded with nausea and cramps that sometims double me over to the fetal position and Im running to the bathroom constantly. Ive taken 600 mgs of ibuprofen, and a claritin and my head is feeling better right now although Im stuffy. Im not a squeemish person but getting a bloody nose isnt fun. I always think its something more serious.

My football picks sucked big this week. I accidently picked Tenn over Indy in Rob's league but did make the correct selection in Hoy's league. Friday nite I had originally picked Tampa Bay over New Orleans and then after seeing that Tampa Bay sucks against NO's division Saturday AM I changed my mind. Always go with your gut feeling. If I can eke out tonites game I should wind up 8-8 but should really be 9-7 had it not been for the mispick.

I mentioned that Friday nite we had the invasion of the young internet players/young guns. I lost count of how many new faces which includes a set of twin brothers. There must be at least 6-7 new faces. Trent (because of his work schedule), Darren (Dmoney) and Al and Joyce wont be back this season. I made it down to the last two tables but could get nothing going. I took a nice pot off Snake/Ray with pocket tens. (In the last three live tourneys Ive played the first pocket pairs Ive been dealt in each are pocket tens). I then somehow lost a chip or two when I think I threw a $1000 chip or two in when I mucked my cards. I should have had about 7000 and was done to like 4500 and I only lost one pot. Oh well my fault if I did do it since for some reason I never brought my card capper out. I wont do that again.

Zoe who was at my table was uncharacteristically first out. She got tied to her QQ and lost to a set of snowmen. Had I limped UTG with my 79s and chased my straight, I would have hit it and stacked them both. Rich aka Silo (Ray's bro) went out from another table then Ray from mine. They went and got a drink and then Snake came back to sweat me. I had raised with A8 only to get re-raised by AQ and let it go. Ugh. Missed draws. I just could get nothing going all night. One hand I got dealt A5s the flop came down all black. I had mucked preflop and I saw Ray just look at me and walk away. He thought I would have flopped a flush. As it was and I had to look twice there were two spades and a club and my flush never would have come thru. His reply was boy I think I really do need glasses. Finally I busted when I pushed all in with about 2700 with QQ and got two callers Pocket 88's and AK called me and the AK hit two pair (one of the twins) and IGH there. That nite QQ's were not kind to people.

I decided that I am going to have fun with the league and not take it so seriously or tighten up like I did last season trying to make the top ten. Last season I fell from 3rd to 10th over the last ten weeks. That means I am going to become a stealing machine from the Hijack, Cutoff and Button with ATC especially once the antes kick in (a new addition to our league this year) and I will invoke the KOD rule on my BB. If I get raised by the same person three times in a row, on the third time it will be all in. I will employ this strategy Week 1 and it will probably backfire amongst the league calling stations. However, I can terrorize a few folks I'm sure.

I noticed a blog comment from the Glens Falls Civic Center which I thought was so cool and impressed me. They got a google alert and someone posted that the Phil show wasnt sold out. Apparently they didnt get an alert or maybe hadnt gotten to it yet, on the next post where I scored Floor seats . Since Ill be in NYC with my mom, for CURTAINS with David Hyde Pierce on my birthday 10/13/07 (planned in late May) and playing poker on 10/12/2007 and perhaps 10/14/07, the concert on 10/20/07 will keep the party going. Snake/Ray who has never ever ever seen the Dead or any of the boys' bands will be accompanying me and he'll get to see me in my element. I mean the Dead were a huge part of my life for most of my twenties and still are. Whats even better is we can walk to the concert from his house.

And Congratulations go out to Annette_15 for winning WSOPE. Great call by Pauly on her taking the whole thing down. Man, you just cant say what an achievement that is for someone of her age. Its scary how good that gal is. This may just be one of the greatest "sports" successes in history. Look out Phil Hellmuth and your 11 bracelets she cant even get started in the States yet for another couple of years.


4dbirds said...

You know you lost every male reader you have to some sort of fantasy right after they read "I swear they were swollen like grapefruits."

Irongirl01 said...
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Kat said...

Feel better girl!

Blinders said...

IG, are you out pimping fantasy sports live yet? Easy money if you can get your crew signed up.

ATC2win said...

Irongirl, do you know what happened with cracknaces/Chad/KOD's blog?


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