Friday, September 14, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

I just read LJ's post.. She hit quads 4x in 2 hours on Full Tilt and had 4 of a kind once. The odds of that happening to one person in that time span??? You math wizards figure it out. I'm an Accountant by training but rely on a calculater and my fingers to add subtract multiply and divide.

When I played on full tilt, I complained about being dealt the same hand two and three times in a row on the same table. Or the same hand at the same exact time on two different tables down to the suits. Its like there is only one giant deck of cards in the sky being dealt same to all tables.

Why so many action hands? I havent even watched too much poker on Full Tilt because I dont want negative Karma to invade my now positive mental attitude. And I dont want to be a mush for anyone still playing their. Normally in poker you may have a multiway pot preflop but by the river its usually heads up. On Full Tilt I notice alot of time its three way action all the way to the river. I saw a set losing to a flush losing to the boat. Dude stacked two people and you guessed it he was the big stack. I just chuckled and thanked my stars it wasnt me.

Im still running TT into QQ, and JJ into AA, or AT shorthanded into AJ on Bodog and Pokerstars. And Ive lost those hands as it should be. But those beats seem normal. The beats still happen but they are logical and rational and usually heads-up.

Im off to play live tonite. We have a pre-season meeting and tourney for Adirondack Poker League to test out a new blind structure and starting stack size. Snake seems to think more chips but has no idea about the blind levels (used to be 25 minutes). We have a new location for the time being (not Lex's garage) that can accomodate up to 50 players per the Commish.

I think Im going to take this Sunday off from live poker at the club, watch football, play the juicy tourneys on Bodog with the nice overlays that Smokkee has been pimping to me. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy dreary day and since I have a gazillion cookbooks I'm going to undertake a challenge ala America's Test Kitchen/Top Chef. This week Comfort Food. Im going to work on a really good Meatloaf with gravy perhaps and Mac & Cheese recipe. I may start with a recipe and tweak it IG style. My inspiration was a food network challenge and there were some outstanding Mac and Cheese recipes.

I also would like to try to score tickets to at least one of the Phil and Friends shows that are coming my way. He's at the Glens Falls Civic Center 10/20/07 but I heard it might be sold-out. I know mail order is closed. The night before which is APL league nite he's at Mohegan Sun and then onto Syracuse on 10/21/2007 (a stones throw from TROCK). So much to do so little time.


DuggleBogey said...

My second time ever playing Hold Em, I was dealt pocket pairs three hands in a row, 9s 4s and 2s. On the first hand I flopped a set and turned quads. The very next hand I flopped quad fours. The very next hand I rivered quad twos.

This was live at Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, Mo.

I can't be positive but I don't think they were rigging hands for action in my $3/$6 Limit game with a full kill.

I do remember thinking "wow, this game is easy!"

SirFWALGMan said...

Its all psychological IG.. I remember when I played a ton on Riverstars and it always seemed like the river card was the one miracle card to help my opponent out.

I also see so much of this crazy stuff live.. I have given up calling the games rigged or the RNG flawed.

lightning36 said...

Played in a charity b&m tournament today. I was dealt KK, QQ, and AA in successive hands. I busted out!

Anonymous said...

I received a Google alert with your blog today and wanted to happily inform you that the Phil Lesh and Friends concert at the Glens Falls Civic Center is actually not sold out. Please call our Box Office for more information at (518) 798-0202. Thank you for your interest in the show and we hope you can come!

Glens Falls Civic Center
Customer Service