Friday, November 24, 2006

APL Live Play week #12 - @!#%#*

No final table or bonus points. Out about 15th or 16th when I re-raised the inital 3x bb raise of $1200 for about another $2000 and ran my KK into AA for the second time of the day. What is even worse is that Bill hit Quad Aces. Needless to say I should be wearing my WARNING ON TILT - T-shirt. I can't even take pleasure in the fact that I closed the 6 point gap Ray had on me and I outlasted Lex and Doug.

So I'm blowing off steam on pokerstars in a sit and go which originally was another clusterfuck but is salvageable. Ive just moved off the bubble into 3rd with 4 left.

Edit- I managed to finish 3rd in the SNG for a profit of $4.50 ($5.50 buyin STT). The Chipleaders 7's full of 4's beat my 4's full of J's.


BFF's Hubby said...

Hi Irongirl - this is your BFF's Hubby. I just wanted to say I love your pic! It's ok for me to say that - Kim is standing over my shoulder while I type. Connor says "Hi" too - he wants to know what "BFF" is. When are you going to visit? Don't be a stranger!

Irongirl01 said...

Howdy Michael and Connor and Kim

BFF is "Best Friend Forever", Connor.

Love Aunt Lori