Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quick Sunday Update

I'll be playing the $39 buy-in satellite to the Sunday $215 Omaha Hi/Lo tourney courtesy of my friend Gmroz (gary) tonite starting at 5:30 PM on Pokerstars. Later this week I will be playing the DADI partially staked by Snake5970 (Ray). While he's bagging deer in Canada I hope to be taking out a few bloggers. Im even considering signing up as an alternate for the Heads-Up Challenge #4.

I caught up with my favorite poker playing college student Tilter yesterday who found me on MSN. We talked about the changes I had made in my game and he advised it was just a matter of time before the big payoff came. I know I had become too predictable and my play would only get me so far. That style of play worked on the virtual aquarium of Titan Poker but wasnt doing the job on Stars and Full Tilt. Id get into the money but would often arrive at the final table too short stacked to make a move.

Trent (Lgkeeper)and Ray have both been my muses in this respect. Trent is constantly drumming pot odds into my head to the point where Im beginning to do the mathematically correct move even if I may be behind pre-flop. Even though I am a numbers girl its hard to remember to slow yourself down to figure out the pot size, the bet size and what your opponent's bet size means while handling chips, dealing and looking for tells and dealing with tipsy league mates who are getting incoherent. It's all coming together faster then I expected it too. I now stand at 7 final tables 10 weeks into the league with 5 cashes (top 6 pays).

I'm a gal who sets goals and plans ahead. My ultimate goal is to earn a seat in a WSOP tourney for 2007. I have a little index card pinned to the cubicle wall in front of me at work. There are 8 characters printed in black felt tip marker:

WSOP 2007

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