Saturday, November 18, 2006

Take me to the River......AJ again???

Since I got home so early last night, I was able to make a game for the Poker101A forum on Cake Poker. $5.50 buy-in with bounties on us all. Kind of like the old Jetset Headhunters. I managed to finish 6th of 40 runners (top 6 paid) going out once again with AK vs AJ if I remember correctly. I did earn enough cash to cover the $10+ $1 buyin I will be playing for Poker Analysis. Cake has asked forums to put together 10 person teams. $100 entry fee and then each member buys in for $10. The prize pool is looking kind of nice with $750 to first and 20th paying 42. Again we will all have bounties on us so IG is going to go scalping. Right now 160 entered.

After not working last Saturday (our systems were down for a major upgrade), I went in bright eyed and bushy tailed for my usual 5 hours of +EV of overtime. The time flew by really fast.

I got home after doing some errands to find an IM from Iakaris. Something about he and Miami Don playing their own accounts (after the DADI controversary which I missed playing and didnt know about until I read Jordan's blog) in the BIG GAME Sunday night on FTP, but that they would be cross-dressing and wearing Channel... Thats right Channel... I quickly respond to the good doctor that it should be Chanel and not to forget the Jimmy Choo's. I guess he didnt read Instyle or Vogue in Medical School. If I was good with Photoshop I would dig up that old photo of Trey Parker and Matt Stone at the Oscar's and super-impose MD's and Iak's heads on them. I think IAK would look fetching in that Jennifer Lopez dress. Doesnt Carmen call him SuperModel??

I jingled up SLB159 for the blogger tourney on Steve-O was on a table with a mega-Tilt guy from some strange country (SLB's words). Apparently they had some past history from the Omaha game which I hosted in which SLB finished SEVENTH(Edited and corrected from 10th!!!) and tilted the dude. Now mind you the play in these events is pretty bad. We are talking freeroll mentality for a lot of these folks. Half the folks dont even deserve the name blogger cuz they post one post to get them in the series and dont keep at it. Steve succombs to the Tiltman when he gets flushed but hangs out in chat and to rail me on.

I get off to a nice start and then bigger stacks get moved to my tables. One uber aggressive Scandanavian and a Dutch boy who shall now be known as Doucheboy. Doucheboy has an issue that I am the artifical leader of the blogger tour (because of the points I garnered for hosting and referrals). He then says he hates moi. Imagine that!!! Someone tells him to be nice. I advise him that I have a 3rd and a 20th as well as the first place points for hosting the event (as well as two midpack finishes). Whereas he has a blog of about 4 posts where he says he might play better if he didnt play drunk or stoned. I of course get it in my head that I am going to outplay doucheboy and send him packing. All is looking good. He has me by about 1500 chips. He raises all in either over the top of my raise when I have KK or pushes first. I call he has AJ (not again) and rivers a friggin Ace. So out I go in 35th. SLB cant believe it and says that Hoyazo would call the dude an idiot for pushing in with AJ or AT. Not to worry a few orbits later he pulls the exact same move again. Hes up against KK and the Cowboys hit their set.

Its now onto Pokerstars for a $5.50 buyin for Poker Analysis. I get out good only to once again give up chips to my KK vs AJ hitting two Jacks on the board. WTF. I then double back up when I call the raise to $90 (blinds at 15/30) with the IG (99). the board comes down 556. Sittinbull bets out. I call. Booyah. IG hits her trademark set and I have a boat. I reraise Sittinbull on the turn and get Reraised all in. I call... JJ dont look so good. Custer may not have been able to take a stand against Sittinbull at Little Big Horn but on the felt IG owns. Im playing pretty solid poker and have been all weekend only to take the worst of it on the river. The next hand I get involved in is classic. I'm in the money down to 5. Pekabo is a sitout and I have more chips. I could just as easily fold fold fold till she is blinded out. as Im sitting in third after being the chip leader for a fairly decent time. I look down to find my 99 again. So I raise from the Button and get a caller from the SB who happens to be the chip leader by virtue of getting really lucky. The flop comes down 466. I bet hard and he comes over the top. I reraise him all in. He calls. He flips over 77 (hence my reraise if he had a bigger pair I figure I would have been reraised pre-flop, but then again we arent talking blogger elite here either). the turn is a 3 and the river is a 5 and I am str8d. Say it aint so. The weirdest hand was me and ItsjustJenn (I Came on pokerstars guys lol) both holding QQ to split a pot early on as well as the KK or AA vs 99. 99 hit the set on the river to bust the other player. I wasnt involved in the hand except for the fact that I folded 79suited and the one-outer hit.

By the time AcesCracked rolls around Ive had about enough of poker and say as much to Slb and Love_elf. Miami Don and Smokkee are off to do some uber $ buyin on FTP and Waffles is off to watching the Leonids (the meteor showers). I take a lot of ribbing for my speeding ticket leaving my live game last week. Penn asks why I didnt use cleavage to my advantage. Could be my coat Penn and the fact that I had taken my contacts out and had my glasses on where I look like a little librarian. Taxidermist knocks me out in 7th I think and then tells me to go make him chicken soup. HA HA. I get a big laugh out of that. And type that aint gonna work real well with me (even though I love to cook) ! Here is what IG has to deal with at the table. From last weeks game:

Dealer: Game #6987745507: irongirl01 wins pot (1770) with three of a kind, Jacks
plj1: nh
taxidermist: atta girl
irongirl01: ty
taxidermist: you play good
taxidermist: for a girl with big tits
taxidermist: :P
irongirl01: lol
irongirl01: can i quote you on that

later on after being knocked out:

irongirl01 [observer]: im gonna go try for a token on full tilt
Dealer: Game #6987835890: Percheronmrc wins pot (600)
Shamanalix [observer]: go write nasty things about the 3 stooges ( aka Taxi, Penn and Greb)
taxidermist: gl
irongirl01 [observer]: lmao
Penfolio: look on the bright side - u still have your tillys

So I decide that the best way for me to spend the rest of my Saturday nite is too color my hair to get it back to its dark espresso brown and watch the U TUBE video of Kenny Rogers the Gambler that SLB hooked me up with. Its pretty funny. And, Im still waiting for Waffles special IG segment from the Mookie the other nite. After that its time for the Tillys and I to get some beauty sleep.


slb159 said...

I finished 7th out of 97 in the Omaha, girlie. ;) 10th is weak.

Hoy says you shouldn't call an allin with AJ or A10 (unless of course you have like ten gozillion chips). The guy didn't have a stack to justify calling your push there.

Go lube up those Tillys, and I'll catch ya' on the flip side.

PearlSnapMan said...

Yep, DoucheBoy is a douche. Tough break on the KK that guy plays like an idiot from what I have seen.