Sunday, November 05, 2006

Poker Week in Review and Life does imitate art sometimes

My horoscope for the day. Uncanny how it mirrored exactly what I just did and wrote about in yesterday's post.

Libra Horoscope: November 5, 2006

Low biorhythms may have you feeling less than your usual self, IG. Your mind may not be quite as quick as it usually is, and you may go through the day in a bit of a fog, possibly reflecting on the past. This is not quite as aimless as it sounds. You might want to jot down your memories and reflections, as they might shed light on something that is going on with you now.

I donked out first in the AcesCracked league game last nite on pokerstars. Mistake of moving in with TPTK holding AK in a threeway. Not only did I get flushed on the river but I was a dog to the set of fours that one of my opponents flopped. I was playing sideways poker. Up Down Up Down Up Down Down Down out, much like the league game on Full Tilt on Thursday nite where I got frustrated and ran out of patience and wound up on the bubble. I then chip dumped my remaining stack in the Freeroll league game for Poker Analysis on Absolute Poker. I regrouped to take a third place in a SNG on pokerstars after being the early leader for a good part of the STT while railing Snake5970 (Ray) in his qualifier for the Pokerstars Sunday millions. Congrats to Coach P for making it.

9 weeks into the Adirondack Poker League I have now made 6 final tables in 9 weeks and have 4 cashes in 9 tourneys. I lasted to 6th place Friday nite. I am still getting crappy cards and did not see AK, KK or AA at all. In fact I probably have not seen pocket aces now in close to 600+ hands of poker. I did see KK once yesterday. I will stay in third place unless Ray won Friday nites tourney in which case he will take over the third spot. If he finished in the two spot we are tied. Steve and Eric both were out well before the final table so we made some headway on the leaders. Doug should move ahead of Zoe as he was still in on Friday nite when I left and Zoe didnt make the Final Table this week. Those bonus points for making the final table are crucial. For the season ending top 10ers tourney, our starting chip counts are based on the points earned thru out the twenty week season. Next week we are halfway home.

I really need to start to get up to Turning Stone to play some tourneys up there to prepare myself for WSOP 2007. I've had some invites to meet up with some of the blogger crew in Foxwoods and Atlantic City and am definitely considering it. With the holidays and work changes I may not be able to swing anything till Im actually working from home. Carol wanted me to go to Atlantic City with her in December and it would be nice to work that in with the WSOP circuit event that some of the blogger guys are attending and participating in but right now timing is just not good.

I had a lousy showing in my own Blogger Tour Event #4. Omaha Hi sucks when you dont get any hands and the flops miss you completely. I also hadnt played Omaha Hi in about three months!!! I went out 60th of 97 or so runners. I had a beautiful high rundown hand of ATJQ and of course the flop came all lows. My rundown hands that managed to wrap on the flop for multiple way straights missed completely by the turn and river with the board either pairing or filling the flush. It was fun as some of the regular bloggers like Slb159 (steve), livesagrind, lightning36 and Biggestron all participated. At one point, Biggie and Steve and I were all together. Congrats to SLB159 who managed a top ten finish in IRONGIRLS OMAHA A GO GO!! Biggie went out right after me I think but was happy I had selected something other then no limit to play. I would have preferred Omaha 8 but alas's upgrade is not scheduled for another week or so. New games like Razz and Omaha 8 and Badugi and Manila are going to be offered.

I just realized another regular blogger and Mookie participant JL514(Jordan) played when I was catching up on SLB159's blog. I love his comment:

You didn't notice JCL514 because he's a donkey and sucks at omaha. He thinks his low straight is the shit until he realizes its very possible someone made a higher straight. Much to his surprise, after he pushes and gets two callers, they both turn over FULL HOUSES not straights. God im an idiot.

Been there done that. I once spun out of a Omaha Hi tourney for some league thinking it was Omaha Hi/Lo. It was only when I noticed the lobby and it said Omaha Hi did I realize what had happened. We had never played Omaha Hi before it had always been Omaha Hi Lo but the league owner decided to alternate weeks and forms of Omaha.. BIG OOPS there and classic mistep.

Two people actually three I need to thank. My good buddy Jeff Baldwin and MrsJB for some positive reinforcement last nite. And also to Bruce (Shamanalinx) for being intuitive enough to know I was not my usual positive self either and for taking note on how much my game has improved since my return from Vegas. I may not have made the money in the Mookie yet but elswhere Ive been kicking some ass. A few bumps in the road this week in online play but Ill turn it around.

And my laugh of the day comes courtesy of gal pals Sandy and Carol (Poker Princess and DCI Assassin/MTGplayer (for magic the gathering)!! They wanted to make sure that I was not letting Jaykedog back in the picture!!! Yes, I had heard from him sometime in September (and they both knew that). I actually wound up being seated next to him in a tourney a few weeks ago. I know Bonnie (Catzeyez) who was seated with us at the final table probably was saying to herself this should be interesting. But Im a class act. I was cordial in table chat as I was in my reply email to him to have a nice life. He actually wound up knocking me out in 4th after I had doubled thru him a few times when he called my all in with AT and I had QQ. But I had the last laugh as it was on Jetset poker and they closed the next day!! Of course I probably wont be seeing my money either. Anyway, Sandy gave me a lecture that was not needed like a mom till I told her.. PP rest assured I am not revisiting THAT.

All for now. Monster Pots and Good Cardma too all. Id really really really like to win my football league just once this year but have been sucking bad after being a contender for the weekly win the first two weeks. And I really really really would like to win a 180 person sng on stars $20 buyin.

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