Monday, November 20, 2006

From the Editor--That would be Me - IG

Taking Care of Business:

First I corrected the finishing Place in my previous post of SLB159 in Irongirl's-Omaha-A-GO-G0 from 10th to 7th because he gave me shit. Only joking, I didnt recheck the results like a good journalist does and I stand corrected. Neophyte's Serendipity...OOPS there I go with the IAKARIS words again.. For you layman that would be Beginners Luck. Hee Hee..

Next, I get home from to find a "gloating" email From Snake5970 who has emerged from the Canadian Woods. Yes indeedy, my 18 point lead over Coach P has evaporated and he now has the upper hand, and he is liking the view on top. His sub Joe G, who is a pretty stout online player (Smellydigits on FTP) managed to finish #2 and get those key bonus points. So, now I have to challenge Ray to some kind of prop bet. A dual isnt possible because he is a much better shot then I am (that I no without a doubt). So, I think some weird combo of Roshambo/HORSE/PAI Gow and maybe Battleship or Pokeman are in order. I'm thinking along the line of the Gavin Smith/Joe Sebok bet at WSOP. OF course if he loses I can dress him up like his full tilt avatar. I have the hat and glasses and he knows it and Im sure I can come up with the trailer trashy getup she wears. This could be fun. How much Gamble you got Snake??? Then again I already owe Shamanalinx dinner as the side bet for our 1-2 finish in the Poker Analysis Buy-in league Omaha Hi Lo Game. Did I mention I hate to lose (but I do it nicely.

Anyway, I never mentioned that two weeks ago Snake did join me in the Mookie (his very 1st one) and went on to finish #2 to Will Wonka and from the looks of Duggle's blog infuriated the heck out of Duggle with mimimum raising. I am pretty sure that was the first time either of us heard this MRMBJC... Minimum Raises Make Baby Jesus Cry courtesy of the good old Reverend AL. I shared it with Trent that Friday nite when someone minimum raised and it was a hit with Trent. I had to laugh at Dug's post about Snake's alleged donk moves and suckouts because we all know they happen in poker. I am the queen of being rivered just ask Mookie. Rest assured Duggle, Snake aint no Donkey hes won two WSOP Main Event seats. I play against him live every week and he's got plenty of game. There is a reason Mikey calls him Fearless Ray. But dang, I want a MOOKIE win.. My life wont be complete until I see my name in MOOKIE LITES. Im a tad bit jealous even though it was a runner-up finish.

One of my fellow blogger tour mates came by to concur that Dutch Boy is really a douche. Gotta love it. Ah the power of the written word. If I really wanted to send about 150 bloggers over to his site to post nasties I could. But I believe what goes around comes around and I aint no Hollaback girl. So I wont post a link to the little Doucheboys blog this week (typed while sneering evily) but all bets are off if he talks Shit again cuz that would just be B A N A N A S.... with props to Gwen Stefani for that stupid song. My advise to Dutchboy is go stick your finger in the dike or grow some TULIPS son because you just a free-rollah and loader.

And I can die a happy girl............but not yet. Seems like the blogfathers demise was a little premature. My little tribute was nothing compared to the people who knew and loved him the best but I was right on. I read between the lines and knew he was just re-creating himself like all great artists do....IGGY is now at Pokerworks. The Phoenix has risen. The decline of workplace productivity begins anew.

Pumping out product for loyal readers certainly cuts into playing poker. I decided I dont want to be the Suzy Kolber of poker. I would rather be the Carrie Bradshaw of Poker. Who cares about bad beats, suck-outs and hand histories anyway. Boring Boring Boring. My readers were more interested and amazed about all the shoes and clothes I took to Vegas for four days. How I got cabbies to get me places the short and cheap way and what I ate vs IG's donkey call with the KT spades (they look so pretty together) against the Asian kid who looked at her and said "I play the way I feel not the cards". Who just happened to wake up with QQ and move in over the top of her raise. Who stacked her when she was running the table at the Sahara tourney. But that day IG wasn't there. I had another name and it was NY. Given to me by my table mate from Texas who had just cashed in his WSOP event. He pulled me aside to show me how to protect my cards better and said you are the only one at this table I fear go gettem NY take this down.

I did pretty good in the Cake Fight. Three heads so it was a freeroll once I had two heads and a little profit for me. I went out 50th of 207 runners with 30 paying when the blinds were 1000/2000 and everyone's M was about 5. It was bingoplay at that point. I looked down to 77 and pushed knowing I would be posting my bb of $2000 in about 3 hands. Got a call from the BB who had KQos and who had me by about 2000 chips. He spiked one of the cards he needed and out I went. They'll be doing it again next month. I also cashed in another tourney on and then made some money at the Omaha Hi lo Potlimit .10/.25 Cap table working off that dang FTP bonus.


mookie99 said...

It's just a matter of time before I'm emailing you the questions for the profile...

See you on Wednesday.

DuggleBogey said...

Infuriates is a strong word. I've seen guys making donkey plays and getting lucky forever. It doesn't anger me as much as it amuses me.

"Fearless" is an excellent way to describe constantly making poor plays and getting your chips in with the worst of it.

SirFWALGMan said...

Gotta Love Duggles.. lol.

I believe MRMBJC(c) was originally coined by Dr. Pauly(tm). Although the origins may be clouded in obscurity I can trace this back at least 3 years.

slb159 said...

We should get those origins confirmed, since I would like to know the orgins of the phrase on the banner Dug made for me (even though he didn't have a pic of baby-Jesus readly available and we settled on a slight-altered version.) I did, however, hear thar it was Al who coined the phrase.

Wonka has a blog too. I don't read him much since he doesn't update often, but if you wanted to stop by, you can find him here:

Good day.

pokerpeaker said...


Are you a journalist too? And do you still run? If the answer if yes to either one of these questions, stop by my wee lil blog and comment...and then I'll link you and your traffic will go up by three by the end of the year!!!

I've heard a lot about you, it'd be fun to chat sometime.

And no I'm not a creepy guy.