Saturday, November 25, 2006

Useless Things you just need to know about me

Others have done it so here comes my lame list:

1)I have never seen nor read Gone With the Wind. In fact Scarlett O'Hara annoys the hell out of me. I'm glad Rhett didn't give a damn.

2)I was voted Teacher's Torment in High School.

3)I would much rather be a Pussycat Doll then a Spice Girl.

4) I have no tattoos on my body. I did at one time have the Grateful Dead dancing bear tattooed on my toenail but it grew out in about 3 months. I opted never to get permanent ink.

5) I have one piercing other then my ears (and I rarely wear earrings). I had my belly button done after losing 40 lbs.

6) I have never been to Europe. I've only been to Canada once. I have been to Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, St Thomas, Cozumel, Mexico, and Tortola and Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.

7) Although, I don't mountain climb and have no desire to do so, I am a complete Geek when it comes to anything MT. Everest.

8)I love dark chocolate, milk chocolate is too sweet.

9)I am a chocolate and flowers girl wins out over bling any time.

10)My favorite household appliance is my Professional Kitchen-Aid Mixer

11) I hate ironing. No the name Irongirl didn't come from any fetish related to Ironing.

12)I was Co-Captain of the Boys Cross-Country team my Senior Year of High School. I could outrun most of the guys on the team. I earned varsity letters in Track, Cross Country and..... Badminton.

13) I am a white-knuckle flyer. I am okay once in the air and on landing but I hate take-off. I believe if we were meant to fly we would have wings.

14) I would love Dave Matthews to read to me. I think he has the sexiest voice. #2 on the list would be Bono.

15) I have had a school-girl crush on Keanu Reeves since I saw him in the River's Edge. Before that it was Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. My professional poker crush is Phil Gordon

16)I plan on being cremated. Cemeteries are an inefficient use of land resources.

17)Although, I was raised a Catholic. I played atheist for a lot of years to piss off my Italian and Irish relatives. Once I got sober, I realized there was something bigger then me looking out for me. I called him YODA.

18)I am right-handed but usually use a screw driver in my left.

19)I was born in a hospital in the Bronx where my mom was a nurse. We lived in various parts of Westchester County till I was 5 then we moved upstate to Columbia County.

20)I was very anemic as a child and missed most of kindergarten.

21)I tried to ride a cow on my grandfather's dairy farm. I wasnt sucessful.

22)My favorite color is blue but I surround myself with lots of Sage Green.

23)I have one sister, My mom has one sister and my dad is an only child. I have a very small immediate family. Sometimes, thats a good thing.

24) I earned two degrees: A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. I use neither of them today.

25)I sometimes wish I did go on to Law School.

26)I have a near photo-graphic memory. So does my dad and my sister.

27)I can not draw to save my life unlike my Dad and sister.

28)I began reading at about age two. When people asked my mom what to give me the answer was usually a book. I think that is the reason I did well in school.

29)I love to dance.

30)I love to cook and bake and am very good at both. Yes, I have worked in restaurants and for caterers.

31)I have been arrested once. I had a DWI in 1989 something I am not proud of. I should have been arrested more then once.

32)I drive fast.

33)I ran my first and only marathon at age 41. New York City in 2001 right after 9/11. I then walked about 5 miles after running 26.2.

34)Finishing my first open-water triathlon was more satisfying then my first marathon.

35)I was honored with the HMRRC Distinguished Service Award in 2002 for my years of race directing and years as an officer. I am the only running club member to not only win the award but to have won the race that is held to honor the award winner. I did not do it in the same year however.

36)I took Italian in High School but am no longer fluent.

37)I took part in the Avia Scramble at Stratton Mountain. Scott Tinley, Kenny Souza, Bill Rodgers and Greg Meyer all competed in this. I was ahead of Boston Billy for a short time as I got my shoes on faster then he did. We hurdled a hay bale together.

38)There is nothing more freeing then running in the woods and getting a little muddy.

39)My favorite TV show is 24. There is nothing like the Bauer hour.

40)I love to do crossword puzzles and logic problems.

41)My favorite reality TV show is the Amazing Race. I would apply for that in a heartbeat if it didnt mean using up all my vacation time.

42)I have never spent the night in a hospital.

43)I have had stitches in my chin, my forehead and my finger.

44)My best feature is my eyes. I have big green Hazel eyes.

45)My least favorite feature was my Roman nose, now its my neck.

46)Which do I prefer Hugs or Kisses? Both.

47)I didn't lose my virginity till my freshman year of college. I was 18. The dude I lost it too became my boyfriend for three years.

48)I was named after my great grandmother Laura, and my grandmothers Anna and Mary. Hence Lori Ann Mary.

49)My Last name is also a first name.

50)I still have all my wisdom teeth in my mouth. They have never come in and can stay there.

51)I do wish on stars.

52)My favorite desserts are Chocolate Mousse, Creme Brulee and Tiramisu. I can make them all.

53)I love seafood including raw. Nothing like guzzling down raw oysters or clams on the half shell.

54)My favorite songs by Dave Matthews are Crush, Crash, Warehouse, Say Goodbye, #41 and Stay Wasting Time.

55)My favorite Dead Tune of all time is Ripple. I also never tired of China Cat Sunflower/I Know you rider. Box of Rain is on the list too.

56)Compared to most Deadheads I didnt see a lot of shows. Somewhere around 31-32 I think. The furthest I traveled to see them was California.

57)The most famous person I met was WAVY GRAVY. I brought a set of chattering teeth up to him at a show. It was 1988 and he was running as Nobody for President.

58)The most famous businessman I ever met was Sandy Weill who went on from American Express to become head of Travelers then Citigroup. I also met Jamie Dimon who was Sandy's right hand man and is now a CEO himself.

59)I do have a green thumb.

60)I own a condominium. If I had a bigger house I would have a big garden and my dream kitchen would have a Viking range with dual ovens and a Sub-zero Fridge.

61)I just got into watching the View and love it.

62)I love trivia and pop-culture. I was very good at Trivial Pursuit.

63)I am good with directions.

64)I usually drink Caffiene Free Diet Pepsi. I love tea (hot or iced) and Starbucks.

65)I grew up with Poodles. Pepe was the first, then Andre and Marcel.

66)I have never owned a dog as an adult.

67)I have owned cats my entire adult life. The original three were all named after Grateful Dead songs.. IKO and CC then Casey... Chrissy was a Maine Coon who I rescued at age 14 after CC died. Now I have Bailey a retired show cat. Hes all Maine Coon and the first male cat Ive owned. He would be a champion hunter if he were allowed outside.

68)Rolling Stones over the Beatles anyday.

69)I dont go to many movies. Instead i just buy them.

70)My favorite season is summer. One that is too short here in the Northeast. I love fall too. Actually I like them both

71)I no longer downhill ski. I did so for over 30 years. There is nothing left for me to do on ski's.

72)I still have cross-country skis and snowshoes. I actually have done snow-shoe races.

73)I love pepperoni on my pizza first and foremost. I like it thin and NY style.

74)I love my steak cooked rare almost moo-ing. I could never just be a vegetarian. My body craves meat.

75)The superhero or strong woman I most would like to be is Trinity in the Matrix.

76)I currently drive a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe that just hit 50,000 miles. I am thinking of trading it in for another one or the Tuscon since I wont be driving much anymore.

77)I have been sober for almost 17 years. My anniversary date is January 2nd. I am pretty dang proud of this. Today I have no problem being around alcohol. I dont miss drinking at all.

78)I went to out-patient rehab at the time "they" werent going to take me alive. After I realized what rehab was I thought it would be a cool way to spend 28 days.

79)Im in my mid 40's. Most of the time I dont feel like it. That is until I try to do something I am not flexible enough to do.

80)I have had my lower back lock up where I cant stand up straight. It is all muscular. I had physical therapy on the piriformis muscle in my butt. I was told I had a lot of muscle and its all tight.

81)I have colored my hair since I was about 37 it has been various shades of Red, blonde, brown with blonde highlights and is now darker brown then it ever was originally.

82)I wax my eyebrows. If I didnt I would probably have the Italian Unibrow thing going on. After shaving my bikini line for years I finally went Brazilian. Its the only way to fly. After having it done for the first time I felt that I would run bike and swim faster.

83)I love having facials, massages and my hair done. I cannot grow my nails long to save my life however.

84)I am a Tomboy who does like to play dress-up.

85)If I go to an aquarium or musuem I tend to be an anal person who likes to read all the signs. I suppose anal isnt the correct term. Obsessive might be better.

86)I recycle. Im kind of obsessive about it.

87)I would say I definitely have an addictive personality.

88)I can keep secrets and am a loyal and honest friend. I hate dishonesty in a person.

89)The thing I notice first about members of the opposite sex is eyes, smile and sense of humor. After that Im a sucker for quads or calf muscles.

90)Brad Pitt does nothing for me. Nor does Tom Cruise. George Clooney, Ed Burns, Keanu Reeves and Matthew McConaughey are more my type as far as contemporaries go.

91)Its really hard for me to name a favorite actress.

92)The first rock CD I owned was probably something Elton John then it was either Tommy (the movie version), or Jefferson Starship Red Octopus. The first Grateful Dead album I bought was Blues for Allah.

93)My guilty pleasure CD is anything Madonna or my GoGo's CD. We used to drive around Boulder with the top down when we were in college acting out the songs.

94) I remember exactly where I was when MTV debuted. Tulagi's on the Hill in Boulder, Colorado. I remember when MTV actually played music

95)I can do John Travolta's dance from Saturday Fever and did so stone cold sober at a party hosted by the great cash game player ThorLaden's stepdad's house. Just ask Fred.

96)I got myself into an air guitar concert while on my first cruise. Needless to say, I had to watch myself on video for a whole week and I was chubby. On my second cruise I got up with the waiters and did the Austin Powers dance in a short skirt and high heels. I then got to lead the Conga line on the final evening since I have game.

97)I tend to be more morning person then night person. Poker has turned things the other way. That and bouts of insomnia.

98)I love the Movie the Mask. I can watch that over and over. I just love the dance he does with Cameron Diaz. I like any stupid movie that makes me laugh.

99)I will cry over a good love story or happy ending. The last movie I cried at was World Trade Center which was the last movie I saw.

100)Football is my favorite professional sport to watch. My one Granddad played collegiate football for Coe College in Iowa and went to the US Olympic Trials in the 100 yard dash. My other Grand dad was a golden gloves boxer in Brooklyn. He changed his name so his parents wouldnt find out.


Anonymous said...

Damn woman, you type faster than I can read. Nice list. Good luck with the PMS thingy. later IG, maybe tonight if you play the AC sat game.

surflexus said...

Nice list IG!! secret verification word is lfatsore. That's kinda funny...hehe.

Anonymous said...

A very disturbing post. Very. I mean ... who the heck uses a screw driver with their left hand when they are right handed???

Thanks for the insights into the human being behind the poker player. Sounds like going out on the town with you would be a blast ... unless you were PMSing, of course ...

Anonymous said...

Love all your references to DAVE MATTHEWS! Go girl!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're watching the Everest documentaries. They are awesome. On Discovery channel. My blog talks about it a bit.