Monday, November 06, 2006

Is the Third time the Charm?

I didnt play a 180 person sng last nite so I didnt win one. I did cash in the $3.30 pokerstars buyin with 2484 players finishing in 333rd place when my AQ got beat by KQ (so what else is new) Thanks to Snake and PokerPrincess for railing me.

I got home from work to find this email from Rob:

NFL Poolers,

It's going to the MNF game (OAK @ SEA) for:
CU (8-5, OAK 42 points)
IRONGRL (8-5, SEA 36 points)
JD (8-5, SEA 34 points)
MAYBE (8-5, SEA 49 points)
PAOLO (8-5, SEA 44 points)
RT (8-5, SEA 33 points)
TY (8-5, SEA 32 points)

If OAK wins, CU wins.

If SEA wins, and the score is ...
... 32 or less, TY wins.
... 33, RT wins.
... 34, JD wins.
... 35, JD/IRONGRL split.
... 36-39, IRONGRL wins.
... 40, IRONGRL/PAOLO split.
... 41-46, PAOLO wins.
... 47 or more, MAYBE wins.

Wow I have three ways to win. My logic for picking the Monday nite total points were to go one less or so then the posted line.

Seattle Just scored!! 29 more points needed!!!

Yesterday started out slow like my horoscope said it would. I did stuff around the house and then took a bunch of checks from the withdrawals I made from various poker rooms due to the Unlawful Internet Gaming Act to the bank to deposit. I decided not to open up a savings account at HSBC where I have my mortgage and checking account. Instead I opted to open one at Citizens to keep my poker winnings separate from my everyday funds. This is money bankrolled for Vegas 2007.

The branch I went to is located inside the Walmart Super Center and we all know how IG loves her supercenter. Cute young dude opens up my account. Hes a shameless flirt so I just give it back. Now I had just washed my hair and it was kind of naturally drying and well wild. Im dressed in Adidas Capris and a tshirt. The guy looks at me and says you cant open a savings account without a checking account, So why dont you just open a checking account and get a Debit card. Cool Dude I say. As he rambles on about the wonderful perks I am about to receive he adds.. "You're account has a $2000 overdraft protection in case you get NAKED. Uhh Uhh I mean Negative." I immediately fell into a fit of laughter.

The night before during the AcesCracked game the subject got to getting naked and I mentioned that in all my years of taking in dead shows I was never one of those Tripping Billys or Anne Heche types that wanted to take my clothes off and run around bare-assed naked. Sham said "no wonder they broke up". I said "Sham Jerry Died." somehow or other the topic got to pole dancing. I asked the Taxidermist (and yes RK really is a Taxidermist) if there was a deerhead on top of the pole or if I would have to dance with some other prop. This must have inspired him to greatness as he went on to win. Amazing what visuals can do.

So I get home from Walmart and Snake calls me and we talk about how he finished up Friday nite after I left and I of course give him my analysis of the Sunday million (yeah right like I've ever played onw). Ray wound up out in 4th only two places ahead of me. I mention "2nd place you tied me, 1st you would have moved ahead of me. Im still two points ahead. I figured it out in my little math wiz brain." He just laughs and says "I knew you would" and of course he had it all figured out too. He hasnt logged on to pokerstars yet and I have it up so Im yapping on the phone to him and every once in awhile im updating him on the climbing count of the Sunday Million.(Dang I want to be the Suzy Kolber of poker) At first the guarantee wasnt even met. By the time I told him to get ready to play there were 6000+ runners. 10000 starting chips but WHOA NELLY 40/80 blinds to start!!!

So at first I cant chat as they say I have to be registered so I shoot him an email to tell him to stay patient when he gets down $1k in chips. I then see SILO his brother type a message so now Im pissed because Rich is not in the Million. What does Lee Jones have against me? Shortly thereafter Im okay to chat. Hell I have enough money to cover the buyin on Stars.

My tourney is getting going and Im also playing a SNG on Absolute at the Poker Analysis Private table. Im doing okay in the SNG and holding my own on pokerstars while keeping an eye on Rays progress in the million. Shortly after his break he calls me back and says hes not playing well. "Hold ON.... QQ" I Squeal. Now Ray calls me TILLY from time to time, not only because of the Dark hair and sunglasses and style of clothing I wear but probably for the fact that my voice can reach a really nice annoying pitch when I get overly excited. Although Im a native New Yorker you'd never now it but for a few words like DAWG and Draw for Drawer and Cawfee. I sound more like a Deadhead Valley Girl from my college years out west since my speech is overly peppered with Dude and Like you know. Im all-in against AQ. "I cant look" I say melodramatically and pop the AP screen up over my Pokerstars table. "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE they hold". I've doubled up.

I bubble in the PA sng in 4th when I run my KQ into AK or some such thing. ItsjustJenn was getting hands and I was getting annoyed of her trying to steal my blind. So I attempted the old allin push and I was all out. Sokay, Ill get my money back another day. Ray bows out of the million. He raises with what he had left and the flop comes 9 rag rag. I know he has only one shot here and its to push the rest of his stack in. I know hes probably holding something like KJ or QT. He makes the push and hes drawing dead. the person has pocket 99 he had KJ. I give him like two minutes to collect himself. When he answers the phone I can tell hes disgusted. "You just got railed by the IG I say". I just played poorly he replies. Ill come to rail you in your tourney in a few minutes. Back off to do battle as Im getting close to the money.

Later on that nite I catch up with JB on MSN as Im signing onto Full Tilt and hes just coming off. I pop in on the Blogger Big Game. Something Im still too chicken shit to do. Iakaris or Jordan has just won a big hand. I type nice hand to the hand winner and am greeted with IG IG IG from Surflexus and IAK from the table .. IG IG IG from Kat and SLB and a few others from the rail. I had just reloaded yahoo messenger at slb's urging and Im glad I did. We have a nice blogger chat going and soon Dug and Waffles join in. Im grinding away at my bonus on FTP at a .15/.25 Omaha Hi Lo table with a $10 cap. Dug joins me for a bit and takes a pot off me when flush and str8 draw misses. I state that grinding is boring that I need to multi-table. Waffles suggests that watching porn might ease the boredom. Must be a guy thing. Anyway at midnite I sign off up about $10 profit and Ive worked off $4 of bonus for about an hours work. Ive recovered my AcesCracked buyin and almost my Mookie.


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