Friday, November 24, 2006

You Lose Some, You Win Some

After combing thru the Thanksgiving day ads and circling all the things I want but dont need, I slept in and didn't partake of any Black Friday mayhem. No early 4:30 or 5:00AM rise for me today. I need to be sharp for my live league game tonite. After being wired Tuesday nite from the caffeine I consumed during the WWDN and then another late night Wednesday Mookie-ing it up, I decided to just hang out and do some stuff at home.

The Mookie I found me as we say in triathlon "off the back" (that means I lost the leaders early) and then I just bonked. It didnt help that my nemesis from the WWDN, NewinNov was seated to my immediate left. Every time I tried to raise his blind from the SB he would reraise. I had okay hands but not enough to call the large raises he was pushing my way that early on. Finally, I said to myself I am taking a stand the next time regardless of my cards and regardless if I get knocked out because NO ONE PUTS IG IN THE CORNER. So I look down to KQos and raise. NewinNov reraised. I pushed all in and he called with A6os. I believe Ace high took the pot and I went out with a middle pack finish. The phone immediately rings and Snake who was railing me asks "Are you okay?". I think he thought I had lost my marbles. "That's so unlike you". "I'm fine" I say with a laugh "In fact, I'm feeling like such a masochist that I think I'll play Mookie II." Since I didnt have to work the next day, and I had consumed more caffeine while catching up with Ray, I was wired and ready to play the Mookie II. Although I did final table the Mookie II, I went out 8th with only 3 paying.

So today I just went out to Target and bought my holiday favorite: Peppermint Bark. IG loves her Starbucks Peppermint Mocha's. But the winning combo is combining dark Chocolate (my favorite kind of chocolate) with Peppermint candy.. DING DING DING.. Winner Winner. Im being a very good girl and haven't had a piece yet.

So I decide to sit down and play a SNG on Full Tilt. For some reason FTP hates me in MTT's and SNG's. Today was no different. I sit down and am out on the fourth hand, but not before I got notes on one chick who chased a flush all the way while holding the Ace of hearts and an unsuited card. I look down to KK and raise to $105- 3 1/2 times the BB. I get reraised to $210. Now Im not stupid and I said that bastard cant have AA can he? Why does FTP always do this to me. So I re-raise all in because now I am really really pissed at Team Full Tilt, because they and not the RNG are the ones doing this to me. Of course we all know he insta calls with AA and I prove that curiousity is expensive and that $5.50 is just pocket change to me now.

So I immediately find a short-handed Omaha Hi-Lo .05/.10 cap limit table (Holy Mother of Pearl how many adjectives is that to describe what you are playing!!!) and get my complete buyin back plus some in probably less then 30 minutes when I scoop two beautiful pots with wheel lows and a 6 and 7 high str8 respectively. Isnt Life just grand. I'm pleased that I can now rely on my Omaha Hi/Lo ring-game play to recoup my tourney buyins.

Peppermint Bark is calling my name. I think I'll have a little piece and get myself ready for APL tonite. Gotta win enough to pay for that speeding ticket Im gonna have to settle up on this coming Tuesday. Our league results look like this right now:

1 Eric 297 11
2 Lex 282 11 (BigTai)
3 Steve 278 11
4 Ray 276 11 (Snake5970)
5 Lori 270 11 (Irongirl01 or Irongirl)

I only have a 5 point cushion on Zoe who is sitting in 6th. I have 9 more weeks to ink a win for a spot in the Tournament of Champions which is a tourney for only the weekly winners. Eric, Steve and Ray are already in. Lex with a bunch of runner-up finishes and me with one are gunning for our spots. Time to step in up a notch and put all the pieces of my game that I have been working on together to get that win.

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