Friday, November 17, 2006

APL Week #11- Live Play

Not a lot to talk about this week. I went out 21st of 27 or so runners. Card dead first two orbits but I took down two pots from the BB with crap hands. I then raised to 600 with the blinds at 100/200 from UTG and was put all in from the 5 seat. I correctly laid AJh down to AA. We rabbited the cards I would have lost two pair to a set of aces. Right read on my opponent who I hadnt faced in the previous 10 weeks. I looked at Edawg (Eric) and said had it been you I might have called ya!! That didnt make IG very happy.

I look down at my small blind a few hands later to see AK. Edawg (Eric) raised to $700. I have two decisions here. Just call the raise or push all in. Eric had a huge stack of chips having knocked out DMoney (Darren) and Silo (Rich). Steve, Dane, Trent and Joyce were already out. Joe subbing for Snake (Ray) has a big old stack. I have 18 points on Ray and 11 on Lex. Other top tenners could move ahead of me but it would take a win to do so and that would be Doug and Zoe. I decide not to play girly poker and re-raise all-in putting Eric on a weaker Ace or perhaps JJ or QQ. He has me plenty covered. When we flip the cards I have him dominated AK vs AJ. Of course he spikes a Jack on the flop. When you are hot you are hot. Bill had folded a King and I fail to improve. I go home now.

Im not particularly fond of my all-in move there with AK and the blinds low. I made the correct read and played the player correctly but in retrospect I didnt have to gamble that early.

Not the way I wanted to start off the second half of the season but I had my worst outing the first week we played and got it all out of my system to recover quite nicely. 9 Weeks to go. Next week the ultimate perfect day.... Black Friday Shopping and Poker!!!

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Well it was good to hear from you, and thank your for your help! I was just curious how do I find out who's the host for the tournament?