Thursday, November 16, 2006

WOW and OH MY!!

I got home tonite just in time (6 minutes to spare) to get registered for the AcesCracked Thursday nite midweek tourney on FTP. Two nights in a row and I had to put up with two accidents on the Northway plus one on my way into work this morning. I am not sure why people drive with their heads up their asses. Maybe if they pulled their heads out of their asses they would be able to see where they are going.

Because I got home so late I was rushing around trying to get Bailey situated. My cat is really a dog in a cats body. He wants lots of attention and needs to be exercised. That means a good game of catch and fetch. I was trying to feed him, pet him, get changed, play my Thursday night league game and get registered for the DADI. I made it to heads-up in the AcesCracked game but was too unfocussed to want to commit mine and Snakes money to a $24 + $2 shorthanded tourney against the blogger elite in the DADI. Plus, I had just finshed a short-handed tourney and well if it wasnt for Starbucks the turkey dinner we had at work (early Thanksgiving) would have put me in the land of sweet dreams. Im now suitably wired and capable of pumping out an uber post. My league mates will till you that when IG has a caffeine buzz going watch out. Probably explains why I got a speeding ticket last Friday nite on my way home. DANG should have gone out with Tracey and Karen when they asked me too. My timing sucks.

Soon, I will never have to get dressed to go to work nor will I get stuck in traffic or have to deal with morons who cant drive in the snow even though they have lived in the Northeast all their adult lives. No I am not taking up the oldest profession. Its called work-at-home. Some of my co-workers have asked how I could work without being around people. When you talk on the phone virtually non-stop for 9 hours a day you really dont have time to socialize. I am an extroverted introvert. I love people and parties and all things fun but I love my private alone and quiet time too. Im looking forward to being able to work in my Adidas Capri's and Cami tops and I wont have to wear shoes even though I love footwear.

When I checked out Mookie's blog tonite I was shocked to find that the DADI will go on permanent hiatus after tonite. Damn I never got to play one and am kind of kicking myself now. Although Ive been blogging for almost two years, I didnt really get going till this year with frequent postings. I didnt start playing the blogger tourneys until after my return from Vegas so Im a newbie on the scene. But Ive made some acquaintances that I cant wait to meet: SLB, Waffles, Surf, Kat, Carmen, IAK, the Mook himself, Jordan and the list goes on and on. Ive been welcomed with open arms and thats just pretty damn cool. I immersed myself in all this while dealing with all the change that has occurred with online poker and the industry.

Not only is the DADI going away but the posts on IGGY's blog lead me to believe he is making some life changes and giving up Guiness and Poker. Could he be giving up Guiness or just poker or is he recreating himself? Not to long ago he stopped by my blog and gave me a shout out. To be named by the blogfather himself was an honor. Last week he posted a cryptic message about using a soul cleansing post I had done as inspiration. Whatever path the great Ignatius chooses we all wish him well. I know a great phoenix rises from the ashes. I personally try to reinvent myself once a decade. Lets see touring Deadhead in twenties to Runnergirl then zoftig chubby girl in thirties. Back to svelte runnergirl/triathlete in early forties to Poker player in my mid dare I say forties. I've lived to tell more then my share of tales, but I havent eaten a Keno crayon yet nor wielded the perfect hammer.

Between the MATH, the WWDN and WWDNot, the Mookie I and II, Don's Big Game, the WBPT, CC's new series on Pokerstars, the events Matt from Poker Savvy has hosted and's World Blogger tour I will never be bored. As old bloggers take a breather there will always be new bloggers taking up the challenge. We've seen it with the heads up and sit and go challenges not to mention my other league games I can participate in both live and online.

I have about two weeks worth of poker escapades to get caught up on. And Waffles mentioned he has a special recording for me. Hopefully its not my donkey-licious move with the QQ least nite.


katitude said...

hey going to Vegas for the wpbt gathering? Love to meet you too :-)

If not, I'm planning a mini gathering in Toronto (E-Vegas!) in Feb. Let me know if you'd be interested and I'll send u the info.

And re: afraid girl *grin

slb159 said...

Thursday's are getting a bit hectic as far as the blogger tourneys. There's also another you can find here:

Scroll down and look on the right who won event#5! Woo hoo!

He's also a good blogger, but it a rut lately though. That sucks.

Anonymous said...


Well, I just started this thing and I'm a little confused on things work, and I noticed that you seem to have things figured out pretty So since I just started does that mean I have to wait till next season to start playing/competing in the BPT? And as far as posting blogs, I have to post one everday to play? I don't mean to hassle you, I'm sure you are pretty busy as it is. So if you can be of any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.