Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Dang I wished I had watched more of this. I love dancing myself and although I'm not naturally graceful when it comes to ballet, I have natural rhythm when it comes to Jazz, tap and hip-hop/freestyle and I used to be a mean texas-two stepper. I did live thru the Disco era and lived to tell tales. I could hustle, pretzel and knot with the best of them. In fact as a freshman me and one of the guys in my dorm won a disco dance contest (and yes I was a deadhead at the time too!!.

Even though Mario looks born to dance (and he does have some background in it as a kid) and looks more professional, Emmitt makes it look like fun and has a big old smile on his face. I'm rooting for him. The Vegas line is Emmitt will prevail. Besides Mario is too pretty. Guys just shouldn't be that pretty. Sorry Slater!!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for the link up a few posts down, and sorry I didn't notice it earlier :)

See you at the next BPT event

slb159 said...

Dancing, like blogging, is uber-ghey. ;)

slb159 said...

Keep me updated on when and where I can find the password for said blogger event...I'll enjoy busting out all you donkeys again. :)

See you there.

Wolverine Fan said...

Emmitt Wins!!

He can put his Dance Trophy next to his NFL MVP trophy.

My family was rooting for him, too, as it looked like he was really enjoying himself. That "Can't Touch This" dance was a classic.